28.7.2008 From Kaning near Radenthein on the Rosennock

Today it is warm again, so I may do a long walk, because the ladies are bathing in the lake. I walk from Kaning near Radenthein on the Rosennock (2.440 m).

I start my walk at the upper outskirts of the little village of Kaning at an altitude of about 1.160 m. This is one of the farm houses there.

Now steadily ascending through the forest. In front of the dark low ridge in the centre of the picture there is embedded Lake Millstatt. Behind is the Drau valley.

Higher up the path leads through larch forest ...

 ... till you reach the first small summit, Gridlegg (1.887 m). Even now many summits are wrapped in clouds, here it is the Mirnock (2.110 m).

Large Pink (Dianthus superbus)

Now I walk along a smooth ridge on the end of which Rosennock is expecting me.

First clouds there too.

Panoramic view from Feldhoehe (1.996 m) - far right Rosennock. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Now the steep ascent of the last slope to the summit of Rosennock is reached. Down there is Weissensteinhuette and Langganghuette.

Sheila is resting while I make some pictures.

The Nock mountains are much smoother than the Karavanke, because they are not built from limestone, but from slate; here and there however a small rock wall like this on Predigerstuhl.

A nice Italian woman made this picture with my camera of me beneath the summit cross of Rosennock. No use staying here for long, in the mist you donīt see very much.

On the descent: other peaks are receiving much more sunlight ...

The cattle donīt mind.

View back to Feldhoehe

Other races of cattle ...

"I donīt have a problem with you, but your dog looks suspicious ..."

Sheila dontīt look how muddy the water is. Good for laying in anyway.

A last view back to Rosennock, ...

 ... before I deal with completely different things: the dinner of the next three days.

Chanterelle mushrooms (Cantharellus cibarius

On the drive home I stop at lake Afritz: Sheila has to be cleaned after her bath in the mud puddle.

Shortly before Annenheim: The mists have dissolved, a good view now on  ...

 ... Mittagskogel as well as on ...

 ... The ruined castle of Landskron. Far left on the horizon is the monkey mountain.