23.7.2008 Monkey mountain near Villach

This morning, the rain clouds at last found their way over the mountains. After some sunshine early in the morning it was cloudy, and raining at times. The best day for a stalactite cave. Unfortunately, taking fotografs was not allowed in the cave, so I refuse to tell you its name. I donīt want to make promotion for it, and there are many caves that are much better, especially in Slovakia.

Morning sun over ...

 ... Mangart (2.679 m).

Windy and cool, rain at times. View from the entrance of the cave.

On our way back, we stop at the Wildensteinīs cascade which from afar we already have admired before.

After a short way through the forest, we are admiring this Natural Spectacvle. A whole beck is falling down here in free fall over 54 metres.

On the drive back we are just in time for the last guided tour of the day around the "Monkey mountain" near ruined castle of Landskron. 110 Japanese maaques are living here in a large outdoor enclosure. As it is the last tour, the animals are feeded now.

Entrance reception.

A few bold monkeys steal their apples from the wagon.

Many youngsters.

First tries with the stiff carrots.

The monkeys have a pond, where they even go swimming at times. The guide throws some whalenuts into the water tro motivate them, but being not so warm today, they prefer to fish them out of the water instead swimming for them.

Others are waiting at the shore for the food to swim along.