22.7.2008 Boat trip on Lake Millstatt

On our drive back from Ragga Gorge we had a good meal in an inn at the road. There we considered how to spend the afternoon, and as it was on our way back we decided to do a boat round trip on Lake Millstatt

We start from the landing stage in Millstatt, ...

 ... which can be seen in a nice view after a short trip.

View to northwest to the Reiszeck - group.

View to southwest to the forested ridge between the lake and the Drau valley

Millstatt, with Millstaetter Alpe (2.091 m) in behind.

Behind the houses of Seeboden the central Alpine ridge of the Hohe Tauern.

We now have reached the westernmost part of the lake with the outflow. Beach hotels of Seeboden and the Reiszeck group

View to the east, behind the head of the lake there is Mirnock (2.110 m)

Seeboden and Reiszeck - group

View back to the western end of the laks. On the horizon there is the Moell valley branching to the left, here is the Ragga - gorge.


We are overtaking another boat.

Millstatt and Hochpalfennock (2.099 m)

Short stop at the southern shore of the lake, on the opposite side of Millstatt.

Clouds constantly hanging on the ridges behind the Moell valley, a stiff breeze is blowing down from there, a charcteristic northern foen - weather situation. In this case, clouds and rain are remaining constant over the main Alpine ridge,  and do not approach, in a distance like here there is the "foen window" with sun shining all the time.

Maximal zom to the "cloud wall" on the main Alpine ridge.

Picturesque cove near Laggerhof on the southern lake shore.

Millstatt and the Reiszeck - group.

Seeboden now much farer away.

The eastern shore at Goeriach is approaching.

The foen cloud still in place.

The lido in Goeriach, in the background the Nock mountains (not visible, but very close, the Rosennock)

View into the valley in direction Radenthein.

Now steaming back to Millstatt. Far left on the horizon Goldeck (2.142 m)


The foen cloud wall still in place (far right in the background)

Picturesque bathing cove near Pesenthein

Back near Millstatt

Flowers on the shore promenade.

It turned to a bright evening: view from our balcony. The mountains behind Villach are free of clouds now: ...

The Julic Alps (Slowenia) with Mangart (2.679 m) far right.