25.7.2008 To the reservoirs of the Reiszeck - Water Power plant

Today it is sunny and a bit warmer. The lake still being too cold for bathing, we take the Reiszeck - funicular to reach the reservoirs of the Reisseck - Water Power Plant.

When the power plant was built between 1950 and 1961, the funicular and the narrow-gauge - railway was built for transport purposes. After finishing the power plant, the funicular was opened to the public. It is therefore situated besides the penstocks. This is the view from the summit station of the funicular to the Kreuzeck group ...

 ... and down to the Drau- and Moell valley. The latter only begins in the centre of the picture and continues the Drau valley coming from the left to the right, whereas the Drau valley finds its continuation through the narrow part in the centre of the picture and furthermore behind the centre.

From the summit station of the funicular the narrow -gauge - railway continues to this point, coming from the left and going through a long tunnel comprising the main part of the route.

From that "behind" position the Moell valley cannot be seen, ...

 ... but you are close to the dam of the larger one of the two Muehldorf - lakes.

The big Muehldorf Lake is partly emptied, its retention water level elevation would be 2.319 m. The water is used during the winter season for peak electricity, so the lake is nearly emptied in early summer. It is full in autumn.

In the background from left to right Hohe Leier (2.774 m), Kleine Leier (2.662 m) and Hochkedl (2.558 m)

Hohe Leier. A new ferrata has been built in 2003 along this rocky ridge.

The lake and its dam, to the right is Reisseck lodge.

The upper (small) Muehldorf Lake with 2.379 m retention water level elevation.

At the Reisseck - lodge we enjoy something to drink and a good meal.

Looking along the dam.

Reisseck - lodge.