Ragga gorge 22.7.2008

Today, the weather is a bit better, but still cloudy and cool. So we decide to visit the Ragga - gorge near Flattach in the Moell valley.

View from the balcony in direction Villach: the summits still in clouds.

Walking up to the gorge.

Shortly after the cashpoint the path goes wild.

Sheila uses the last opportunity fort a bath, no chance afterwards.

The gorge now gets narrower, ...

 ... in some places a few metres wide.

Nearly the whole route through the gorge is leading over boardwalks ...

 ... and bridges.

A sharp curve

A bit wider now, ...

 ... to return to the narrow state soon.

A small cascade marks the end of the gorge.

Short lunch rest at the end of ther route, before it goes back through the forest.

Down to the valley: The Moell river