3.2.2013: With Snow shoes from Untergreuth to Samonig and back

On our drive to Carnthia, it first began to rain and then to snow, more cold and about 10 cm of powdery snow during the following night. Bright sunshine in the morning, everything looks enchanted. As we are planning to visit friends in upper Carnthia, there are only 2 hours left for a short walk with snow shoes.

Fruit trees near the few farm housesd of Untergreuth.

Overviewing the valley: Far left is Dobratsch, to the right behind the house is the Reißeck group.

Gerlitzen. Snow is falling from Schon fällt Schnee von telegraph wires - my camera by chance caught on on the far left of the picture. On a day like this, you must not take yourself too much time, otherwise all the snow has fallen from the trees., at least in places where the sun is shining.

View to the south to the Karawank mountains.

Tough cattle in the snow - more and more, you see farmers let their cattle out during the whole year. In the background the Ferlacherspitze, to the right is Mittagskogel, which I climbed in Summer 2008 - 4 1/2 years ago.

Even the electric fence is snow covered.

Now up to the forest.

View over the Klagenfurt´ basin. Somewhere must be Lake Wörth, but cannot be seen from here.

Gorgeous snow accumulations on bushes and trees.

Ferlacher Spitze and Mittagskogel. In the saddle in between is the Bertahütte, an Alopne lodge that I shall visit on Thursday.

Suddenly, I am approaching a small high plateau, where I get the view ...

 ... to the Samonig - farm and the Gail valley: Oisternig (2.052 m) to the left, to the right is the mighty limestone  chunk of  the Dobratsch - massive (2.166 m).

Grassland and fields make for the livelihood of this farm.

Oisternig and Dobratsch.

Lots of water still up here.

The second livelihood of the farmers is the wood of the surrounding forests.

Reißeck group, which we also visited in 2008.

Zooming in on the Dobratsch, with the huge TV transponder of the ORF. The hill in front of the summit a slight bnit right to the transponder (Zehnernock) shows a little hut on its summit - the goal of my Snow shoe walk last year.


Walking back now.

In the afternoon we drive to Irschen to visit friends, ...

 ... who married last October.

They still have their Christmas crib in place - a real work of art!