14.9.2005: Naggler Alm and a walk to Kohlroeserlhuette

Today Suan and the kids take the chairlift to Naggleralm (1.324 m). I have to walk with the dog, but this is not so big an ascent.

Once more a day starts with morning mist on the mountains

View from the skiing slope where I am walking down to the western part of Weissensee

More and more thr sun comes out however

Naggler Alm (1.324 m), situated in a small in einer kleinen depression

View over the middle part of Weissensee (not seen) to Latschur (2.236 m)

Viewing over the western part of the lake over Drau valley to Kreuzeck group with mountains of more than 2.700 m.

View in western direction, Reisskofel (2.371 m), partly wrapped in clouds

Panorama of some of the pictures above: the mountain pasture of Naggler Alm (click into the picture for a larger version)

First glimpse in southern direction with zooming in on Karnische Alpen with Gartnerkofel (2.195 m)

Sheila has discovered a mud puddle ...

 ... whereas its owner has fun in the forest: Penny bun (Boletus edulis) - our dinner for tonight.   

This toadstools however should NOT be eaten: Fly agarics (Amanita muscaroides)

View in southern direction: The larches even begin to discolor

A short glimpse to Weissensee in between; the valley behind bears Alm Hinterm Brunn on its saddle.

Jadersdorfer Ochsenalm (1.523 m). Only a few minutes to the hut left.

Panoramic view over the small mountain pasture to Karnische Alpen. Click into the picture for a laerger version.

A small tarn on Jadersdorfer Ochsenalm, nearly completely overgrown by water plants

The skiing area of Nassfeld in Karnische Alpen; here is the border to Italy

Gartnerkofel (2.195 m)

This is our destination: Kohlroeserlhuette (1.534 m), where we have a small lunch

View over Gitsch valley to the western Karnische Alpen

Fransen - Enzian (Gentianopsis ciliata)

On the way back in the forest: a trunk, overgrown with dozens of mushrooms - I think they are Callistosporium luteo-olivaceum.

View in direction north to Kreuzeck group

Back at Naggler Alm

Deadly nightshades (Atropa belladonna)

On the descent via the skiing slope: the view is clear now.

Feder - Flockenblumen - an Alpine form of knapweed ("feather" - knapweed - Centaurea nervosa) on the skiing slope

Weissensee - panorama as seen from the skiing slope.

In the evening the full moon is reflecting in the lake.