12.9.2005: Walk to "Alm Hinterm Brunn"

Today the weather forecast is better, so we decide to do a walk from Techendorf to Alm Hinterm Brunn (1.275 m).


The day welcomes us with a stunning morning view over Weissensee - click into the picture for a larger version.

A short morning walk with the dog. Conditions change nearly every minute ...

Morning view on Weissensee. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Rei▀kofel (2.371 m) in the background (the hindmost peak under the small cloud)

Lienzer Dolomiten above morning mists (maximal zoom)

More mist just now ...

 ... and once more sunshine

At least the sun gains the upper hand(click into the picture for a larger version)

Maximal zoom to Lienzer Dolomiten now the mist has dissolved completely

And off we go. View over the lake in direction Naggl

Last bellflowers

Salvia (Salvia glutinosa) near the path

This pine directly grows out of the rocks

These bell flowers are trained in survival

View over Weissensee, a bit deeper now.

Ships meeting ...

In the forest near the path: Fichtenreizker (Lactarius deterrimus)

We have arrived the mountain pasture

"Alm hinterm Brunn"

Flower decoration near the hut

Sheila must relax

View to the opposite direction into the Drau valley and to Reisseck group ...

 ... this time with zoom

Once more "Alm hinterm Brunn" we have arrived from the right

Clouds above Reisseck

On the way back: farewell to the flock

View over Weissensee again, this time in a different light

Evening shopping in Techendorf: a boat leaves the landing stage at the bridge over the lake, ...

... on its way to the eastern shore of Weissensee

View in western direction from the same place with Techendorf and its church, ...

... this time with zoom.