7.4.: Walking in the Osorscica mountains on Televrin (588 m)

Today I drive to Neresina, from where I climb the Osorscica mountain ridge on beautiful paths.

First, however, is to clean the windscreen of the car - good luck the windscreen wiper could manage this.

First a short stop to see yesterday´s early spider orchids (Ophrys sphegodes) in full sunlight.

In Neresina - behind this house is my goal.

A forested or maquis grown slope.

The path starts between mauqis bushes.

View back on Neresina, opposite of the cove is the southern part of Cres.

Once more Neresina, this time from much higher up.

Soon I shall reach the ridge..

On the ridge. Viewing to the radar station.

The small church of Sveti Nikola at an altitude of 557 m.

Western view to the isle of Unije ...

 ... eastern view to Osor - the isthmus and canal just hidden behind the trees.

Southern view on the streched isle of Losinj. In the background the hills behind Mali Losinj, where I have been on 5.4. .

Zooming in in southern direction.

Trigonometric point on the summit of Televrin (588 m)

The official sign.

In a small region near the summit of Televrin, lots of Silver Spurge (Euphorbia rigida).

The isle of Unije in the background

The church of Sveti Nikola from the opposite slope.

The descend now passes the church and firstly goes along the rocky ridge, ...

 ... from where there is a stunning view down on Neresina.

Young leaves on the trees.

View along Losinj in southern direction.

Neresina, opposite the south of Cres.

Rocky descent in places.

View back to the summit

The route now goes around the face of the mountain back to Neresina.

Zooming in on Neresina

Laurestine (Viburnum tinus) - many thanks to Eva Botzanowsky who helped me identify!

Tree heath (Erica arborea)

The path leads down through flourishing maquis.

Greater Periwinkle (Vinca major) on a garden wall.

First houses of Neresina

The small yacht habrour of Neresina.

Back at the hotel I am exploring the expulsion of mediterranean pine pollen by throwing a stone against a branch - and this is the result (you may speculate about the origin of the word "pollution".