5.4.2009 With the mountain bike around the Cikat peninsula, to the southern end of Losinj and to Veli Losinj.

If have hired a moutain bike, because I did not manage to mount my own on the roof of the new car. First I ride back to the hotel which is situated in the picturesque Cikat cove. From en-route a view on Mali Losinj.

It is a bit misty this mroning, but the layer is very thin. I start my ride along the seaside promenade in northern direction.

A bit of sun  a times., ...

 ... which sometimes is creating interesting light effects.

I am approaching the Camping ground.

Huge mediterranean pine forest, like elsewhere on the whole Cikat peninsula.

In 1976, I spent two weeks on this point of the huge camping area.

Near the Camping ground a small even wet grassy place, hawthorn among the bushes around.

Once more the Camping ground, this time from the opposite side.

In the maquis near the beach this spider is feeling comfortable.

Early blossoms of Branched Asphodel (Asphodelus aestivus)

I am approaching the harbor of ...

 ... Mali Losinj.

In many places here White garlic (Allium Neapolitanum) ...

 ... like under this bush inmidst the town.

At the outskirts; Now my was leads me upside ...

 ... the mountain, leaving the Calvary to the right. Sheep are grazing near the road. What is left from the sheep is flourishing here in huge amounts: Mediterranean Spurge (Euphorbia characias)

A bit upside the view is widening over Mali Losinj, and the fog is now clearly discernable.

Mediterranean spurge in many places, at times in masses. I could not resist taking it as part of my pictures on many occasions.


View over Mali Losinj. The prominent mountain in the background is the Osorscica reidge with its highest summit Televrin (588 m), which I shall climb on monday 7.4. .

Panoramic view over Mali Losinj - click here or into the picture for a larger verison.

From a bit further above a view over Veli Losinj - and behind the sea the Croatian continent with mountains up to 1.600 m high.

I ride further south on the ridge inmidst the island. The sea fog seams to be increasing ...

 ... and nearly completely has covered the small southern neighbouring islands of Sveti Petar and Ilovik, Kozjak still being free.

Panoramic view from the southern end of the isle of Losinj with the neighbouring isles of Male Orjule, Kozjak, Sveti Petar (partly in the fog) and Ilovik (nearly completely in the fog). Click here or in the picture for a larger version.

On the southern end of Losinj. I now have to reascend the steep hair pin bends up the ridge that I have raced down just before.

Cyclamen repandum (sorry, I did not find an English name!) is growing here in masses in the Maquis as well as in the woods.

I stop at the small church of Sveti Stefan and admire the view ...

 ... on Veli Losinj ...

 ... and the mountains of the continent in the far distance.

A small indicator on the wall of the church.

The mist over Mali Losinj has even increased.

Bunch-flowered Narcissus (Narcissus tazetta)

I ride back to Losinj to make a short detour to Veli Losinj - here the small harbour in a panoramic view.

View on the exit of the harbour.

Once more white garlic (Allium Neapolitanum) near a rock at the harbour exit.

View back on Veli Losinj harbour.

Borage (Borago officinalis) is growing here near the street.

Now I ride along the shore promenade back to Mali Losinj.

Picturesque coves.