6.4.2009 With the mountain bike through the north of Losinj and a bit of the south of Cres.

I start from the hotel and ride through the town at first.

Some more pictures of the harbour.

Behidn this hill on the other side of the island our hotel is situated.

Fischer boats are landing.

For a while I now am riding along the large cove of Mali Losinj.

In the background the isle of Susak.

Mediterranean spurge (Euphorbia characias). It will fascinate me many times today ...

The small village of Cunski. The road now changes to the opposite (eastern) side of the island.

Mediterranean spurge (Euphorbia characias) is really frequent here, and it is always good for a nice foreground - this time with the Osorscica mountains, tomorrow´s goal.

The small village of Osor, already situated on Cres. Till the 14th century, thsi was the main town of the two islands.

The narrow isthmus has been cut by a short canal already by the Romans, to ensure a passage of the ships to the opposite side of the island.

The old city wall of Osor.

Osor, with the Osorscica - moutains behind.

Now I branch off the main road to reach the southern part of Cres.

The Osorscica moutains

Old sheep pastures between the maquis. This seems to be the reason for the overgrowth of the mediterranean spurge - I suppose the sheep don´t eat them (and it is poisonous too like all spurge species), so there is a selection advantage.

View on the mountain of Vela Straza (154 m), half way to the village of Punta Kriza. Here I turn back.

View to Losinj with the village of Nersina and to the Osorscica mountains.

Losinj´s south with Mali Losinj (cannot be seen in the dust).

Wonderfully blooming laurel tree (Laurus nobilis?)

Back at the gas station near Neresina, View in southern direction.

At the outskirts of Sveti Jakov I found this rare orchid - I suppose it is an early spider orchid (Ophrys sphegodes).

Laurestine (Viburnum tinus) - many thanks to Eva Botzanowsky who helped me identify!

Tree heath (Erica arborea)

On the way back I have to stop in the cove of Mali Losnij to appreciate this gorgeous white garlic.

Livingstone daisies hanging from the stone walls ...

 ... in all colours.

The large mediterranean pine forests around Mali Losinj have started to flourish. Tremendeous amounts of pollen are in the air, are collected by the water surface and concentrated near the shore by wind and waves ...

 ... as well as here in the harbour of Mali Losinj.