Mellbreak 7.5.2006

After yesterday´s long walk and considering the rainy day, we don´t feel in a hurry. We start the day comfortably after a longer sleep. Today´s walk is from the cottage at Loweswater over the two Mellbreak summits and down to Scale Force, at least back along the left side shore of Crummock Water.

However, the landlord spoils his guests with room service - a first cup of tea when I come back from the toilet in the morning.

Mellbreak summit in clouds today - a view quite different from the other days.

Cattle on the pasture

View back over the valley to Grasmoor, in clouds as well.

Looking down the Lorton Vale, from the first, more flat part of the ascent to Mellbreak northern summit

Loweswater lake from nearly the same viewpoint

Now the slopes are much steeper, at times even rocky. View over Crummock water to Whiteside and Grasmoor (the latter being wrapped with clouds)

Ann and Roger just having finished one of those steep pasts of the ascent. Frances hidden behind Ann, Loweswater lake in the background.

Jill, Andrew, John Patterson, Jo and Ann

The view along the steep eastern slopes of Mellbreak, into the Buttermere valley. Rannerdale knotts far left in front, lake Buttermere in the background, the fells behind in clouds.

Panoramic view from the ascent to Mellbreak in northern direction: Sharp Knott, Carling Knott and Burnbank Fell, Loweswater lake, Loweswater Fell, Bield and Low Fell, the Lorton vale, Whiteside ridge, Hopegill Head and Grasmoor with Crummock water in front. Click into the picture for a better resolution.

From the southern (main) summit of Mellbreak the view goes into the Buttermere valley with lake Buttermere and Fleetwith Pike behind.

Thirsty John ...

Roger and Francis are enjoying the stunning view of tghe Buttermere valley

Panoramic view, with Grasmoor and Whiteless Pike to the left, the head of Crummock Water with Rannerdale knotts to its left side, and lake Buttermere with fleetwith Pike behind. Red Pike in clouds. Click into the picture for a larger version.

It now starts to rain a little bit, not very much, but enough to leave some blind spots on the lense of my camera. Looking up the upper Mosedale, Great Borne in clouds.

Looking to the other side: Grasmoor, Rannerdale knotts (Whiteless Pike behind) and Crummock Water

Scale Force. Some of us climbed up into the narrow gorge to see the upper part of the waterfall.


Both parts of the falls ...                                       ... and the upper part

Climbing down. It is not very difficult to climb, but wet and slippery, so you have to take care. Frances is doing this perfectly.

On the way back at the left sided shore of Crummock water.

Red Pike out of the clouds now.