11.8.2010 - to the Kochloeffel hut in Poella dale

Today, we make up for a very gentle walk in the Poella dale. We have hired two Garmin GPS devices, an the kids are trying Geocaching. Three points were indicated to us, two of which we want to find.

We start at the parking ground a few km behind the last village of Rennweg.

View over the parking ground to Kareck.

This beck flows down from Reitereck.

Walking into this lovely flat valley, all along the beck.

A resourceful local is operating a kind of train, drawn by a tractor, with red carriages; he calls it "Tschu-tschu - Bahn" ("Tschou tschou train") - it carries the tourists up to Kochloeffel hut. We however prefer to walk.

Red elderberry (Sambucus racemosa) near the path.

This beck too has much too les water - drawn off above for the Malta water power plant situated in the next valley.

An overcast day, but it does not rain.

The kids are excited, they are watching their GPS device nearly every few steps and are fascinated of our approach.

Reflections in the beck.

Found in a hollow tree near the Kochloeffel hut! Shame we did not find the second treasure, although eing very close to it according to our devices; we did find the moss on the ground grubbed, but there was nothing to find.