10.8.2010 - to the wall of the Malta water power station and to the cascades and becks of the Malta valley

The water power station in the Malta valley has the highest concrete dam of Austria (200 m!)- it can easily been reacherd by a toll road.

After a few minutes on the toll road, we have to stop at a traffic light - the narrow road does not allow opposing traffic. The display is indicating that we shall have to wait for about 20 minutes - so we prefer to follow the invitation on the sign board. I am not sure if the English translation is correct - it says that there is another display near the waterfall indicating the remaining time, so you can return to your car in time.

Maralm beck waterfall - click here or inside the picture for a larger version.

To see a short video, click on the symbol.

A second tunnel with a traffic light - much shorter waiting time, but enough to take this picture of the dam.

Arrived upside. Stunning dam, indeed. However, the lake cannot be filled to the top, because the rocks on both sides would not stand the water pressure. Technically, it would be possible to buils up higher walls nowadasy, but this is of no use if the mountains on left and right side cannot stand the pressure.

200 metres are enough still, I say.

A "Skywalk", here too, like home at Hohe Wand.

View down from dizzy height.

View over the lake to Koelnbreinhuette. In he background, Kaltwandspitze (2.822 m) and Koelnbreinspitze (2.934 m). Petereck and Hafner are hidden to the right behind the mountain.

View back over the dam to the Sporthotel Maltatal at an altitude of 1.933 m.

View downstream the valley over the second reservoir Galgenbichl.

View over the lake to Schwarzhorn (2.931 m)

Sadly, the three girlies do not fancy a walk today, but this does not matter, as we shall see later weatherwise. So, we drive back down and enjoy ourselves at the waterfalls in the dale.

Here, the river Malta is sweeping through narrow gorges; of course, there is much less water than in former days, because most of it is branched off for the power station. This area here is called Fallertuempfe ("Tumpf" = puddle).

The low water has advantages: the kids can bath in the flat water bed.

You can wade through easily.


On the way back, we talk a halt at a touristīs shop ... in the meantime, the thunderclouds are gathering together  for the coming attack.

They are collecting strenght at the Reisseck group

The mountain slopes are unbelievably steep - as usual in glacier - formed valleys.

Near the little hamlat of Koschach, the Fallbach ("Fall beck" - living up to its name!) falls down about 200 m - the highest single cascade in Austria.

A ferrata has been built up along the waterfall - of the most difficult category, of course.

Click here or into the picture for a larger version.


It is pouring stair rods up there, with lighning and thunder. The rain does not approach, however, apart from a few droplets.