31.7.2008 Pyramidenkogel, once more the monkey mountain and an evening boat trip on Lake Ossiach

Today, we decide to drive to the look-out tower on Pyramidenkogel. Afterwards, there is enough time for a second visit on the monkey mountain, desired by the children. Our last evening we enjoy at a boat round trip on the lake with a delightful buffet dinner.

The look out - tower, as seen from the parking place.

360 degree - panoramic view from the tower. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The eastern end of Lake Woerth with the city of Klagenfurt.

The western end of the lake with the city of Villach, Dobratsch in behind.

Mittagskogel, this time seen from a northeastern direction.

Poertschach on Lake Woerth with the elongate flower island and the small Kapuziner island to the right in front.

Mullein near the parking place.

Between ruin Landskron and the monkey mountain there is a big pond.

The chairman of the welcome comittee.

Mother with her child

Sometimes, Japan macaques even go swiming for food.

However, if possible, they prefer to angle it from outside.

In the evening, we enter the liner for an extra tour around Lake Ossiach with a fine dinner on board - what could be nicer than njoying the evening sun on the lake with a fine meal and a good glass of wine?

The southern shore opposite of Annenheim

View in eastern direction ...

 ... and to the west.

Bodensdorf, behind to the left the escarpments of Gerlitzen.

Ossiach with the abbey church in the last evening light.

The head of the lake. Here a small bit of the natural alluvial forest has remained.


1.8.2008: Morning light on Mangart. Time for to drive home.