27.7.2008 Boat Trip on the River Drau

After yesterday´s thunderstorms the clouds are hanging deep today, but the plains are receiving some sun. So we decide to do a boat trip down the river Drau.

Our boat arriving in about an hour, we have some spare time for a short walk along the Drau promenade in Villach.

Canadian Golden rods always attract bees.

Water must have been much higher some time ago, shown by the sand deposition on the steps.

View down from the jetty.

Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata)

Our ship is approaching.

First a small bit upwards ...

 ... followed by the way down. View back, with Gerlitzen in the background.

Dobratsch is wrapped in clouds today

"Europe bridge"

The bridge of the Karavanke highway (leading to Slovenia through the long Karavanke tunnel), Wernberg Castle in behind.

Zooming in on Wernberg Castle.

Also Gerlitzen ...

 ... is wrapped in clouds.

Now the boat is sailing on to the reservoir,

Especially in summer, the water of the Drau contains lots of very fine sands derived from the melting waters of the Hohe Tauern it contains. These contain abrasion materials produced by the glaciers abrasing the rocks. In the region of the reservoir, the sand is settled in part. Here, our boat has moved some of the sand when landing on the jetty.

Here the river Gail is discharged into the river Drau. The water of the Gail is not derived from glacier´regions ...

 ... and therefore has a completely different, dark green colour, before it is mixed up with the Drau water.

Back from the boat, we have a short walk through the city of Villach. It´s Kermesse festival now..

On the way back to the car. In the meantime, the clouds have dissolved, so here is an unexpected view to Mittagskogel (2.145 m).