5.2.2012: Ice skating on Aichwald Lake

From the outskirts of our hotel area (composed of numerous small wooden houses each containing 4 holiday flats) you get this view over grassland and fields to the mountains of the Karawanken, comprising the border to Slowenia - far left Kahlkogel (1.834 m), then Ferlacher Spitze (1.742 m) with the Tuerkenkopf (1.542 m) in front, and the highest summit is Mittagskogel (2.145 m), on its right flanks the Kleiner (engl.: Small) Mittagskogel (1.815 m).

After many weeks without any snow, it has snowed here last night, and despite it being only a few centimetres, the first sledgers are out.

Mittagskogel in Zoom. In the summer 2008 I climbed it, crossing it from far left to far right of the picture.

We walk to the Aichwald lake, which takes us about half an hour.

Soon we get a view over the lake - but we have to circumvent it on the left side the the opposite shore.

With ice skaters on foot now running on a well cleaned skating rink.

There also are places for ice hockey.

This seems to be a footbridge for bathing.

More of the reed.

6.2.2012: Snow shoe walk from Baumgartner´s inn to the waterfalls of the Rotschitza beck. The weather is overcast and it is snowing, so I leave my camera at home, but Thomas Payrits, who also is accompanying the group, has his mobile with him, and he sent me some pictures (so, this and the following two pictures (c): Thomas Payrits)

Only little amounts of snow, so I would not need the snow shoes here.

The upper part of the completely frozen water fall. There is also a ferrata along the cascade and the beck above, but it is partially demounted during winter, because it has been widely demolished by an avalanche some years ago.