10./11.8.2014 - Full moon nights near the hotel.

If you looked carefully on the picture before my last one on July 31st, you may have spotted the sickle of the crescent moon. That meant: full moon on our last two evenings. Later on, I learned, that this full moon was the lightest for years, because it occured exactly at the time when the moon had its most proximal point on its excentric orbit around the earth.

Wonderful view from the hotelīs beach bar.


I climb the rock near the hotel and prepare my tripod there.

It isnīt yet full darkness, and the moon is shining that brightly!

11.8.2014. Today, the moon will rise an hour later than yesterday, so I have the chance to see its rise (at that time we were in the tavern yesterday). I set up my tripod on the rock, and the evening being that beautiful, I level it carefully and make this 360 degree panoramic picture. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


Keyed up waiting now. Finally, I realize a red glow behind the mountain. Thinking this to become nice, I start the exposure. During the 10 sekonds of exposure time, a small point of light appears behind the ridge ...

 ... that gets good shape shortly afterwards.

It is a wonderful view once again, but a bit bleaker thatn yesterday, because it is an hour later and no more evening red is mixing up with the colors of the moonlight.

In the meantime, the girls enjoy the evening at the beach bar.

This has been our last evening. Tomorrow, on August 12th, we shall have a day at the pool and a delicious meal at the Zepos tavern, to take the taxi to the airport at 7:30 p.m. and have our liftoff at 10 p.m.