6.8.2014 - Porto Limnionas und Kabi.

Second day with the rented car. We drive up the mountains of the west coast to Porto Limnionas, where we already have been two years ago.

Here, the beds are cheaper - two Euro each.

I dont want to stay on the bed whole day, so I go for a short walk, as long as it is not as hot.

View down on the cove of Porto Limnionas, a small natural harbour. We are very early, and now, at 9:30 a.m., we still are nearly alone.

A tavern with beds and a few concreted platforms, from which you can jump into the sea. Only good for freaks of a steep coast and those who accept 21 C water temperature - as opposed to Kalamaki, where it is 26 C (and more in the evening), the water is that cold here.

Of course, the girls did not join me.

The next small, narrow valley with its rank vegetation.

Wood fires have been here too.

Not the most luxurious accomodation, but very beautifully situated.

The number of bathers is increasing steadily.

Late afternoon, we drive further on to the small mountain village of Anafonitria, to buy local products: Honey, honeynig, delicious almonds covered with honey and sesame seeds, excellent ewes milk cheese, vine, native olive oil ...

Anastasia is a very friendly person, she lets us taste many of her products.

On a hill near the little village of Kabi is the "Tavern Cross", so called after a nearby huge metal cross on that hill, easily visible from afar from the sea. From its terrace, you get a stunning view down to the sea. Regrettably, it is so windy today, that we even are freezing a bit, despite sitting in the full sun.

Another guest agreed to make this picture of all four of us.

Waiting for the dinner, we are entertained by cats.

The real cause of our visit here: to experience the sunset during a good dinner.

A bank of clouds to the Northwest ...

keeps us from seeing the real sunset, ...

 ... but anyway, what we see is beautiful enough.