5.8.2014 - On the beach at Porto Roma.

We have rented a car for three days and drive to the Vasilikos peninsula. This time, however, we donīt drive to the crowded beach of Gerakas, but find a small shingle beach with a sleepy little tavern, whose chief Jana serves most delicious food.

Here, you can find free beds the whole day, which cost 7 Euro (2 beds and one umbrella) like elsewhere around.

Over there itīs more busy near a large tavern, but we are not so interested in that.

On a hill to the North of our cove there is a huge hotel. Its guests are entertained in different ways. Noise of motor boats is the only disturbing thing in this idyllic place.

Small yachts are landing sometimes in the small harbour.

A have to take a féw pictures in the tavern which is more empty during the day ... pure Greece!

Fig tree

I walk along the beach. First to the left side ...

 ... beneath the hotel, ...

 ... then for a longer walk to the right side ...

 ... to the small harbour.

Our umbrellas and the tavern, as seen with the tele lense from the other side of the cove.

A bit more rocky behind the harbour ...

A small island plateau breaks down to the sea with steep escarpents.

Sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum) is growing here.

I wonīt dare to climb along here after a heavy winter rain ...

The hotel can be seen from here. On its opposite side, behind as seen from here, it has a short funicular to serve the guests visiting the beach.

I donīt need a funicular for these rocks.

Fragile sand stone is overlaid by limestone. Tis part of the island will be sunken to the sea in some millions of years.

Small panoramic picture of the Southern end of the Vasilikos peninsula. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Degrading sand stone makes the water turbid.

On my way back I have a look to the other, bigger tavern at Porto Roma. Usual touristic business, not a bit romantic ...

 ... but a good view over the cove.

Large car park in front of the tavern.

Decelerating life for a dinner at the tavern. They seem to have time in huge excess here. Lemonade is self-made from fresh lemon juice, sugar and water, locally grown oranges are squeezed for fresh juice. Food is served one by one (resulting in the first one being ready with the meal when the last still waits for his food), but it is incredibly delicious!

So it starts getting dark, and we enjoy the tranquility of the cove.

Afterwards, we join the trouble of the night in Zakynthos Town, drink a freddocino on the central square and return to the hotel late night.