3.8.2014 - A boat trip to the sea turtles and to the caves of Keri.

An organized boat trip including the bus from Kalamaki to Laganas and a guaranteed sightiing of turtles. I suspect the turtles having signed a treaty to be there, when the boats are coming. How much are they payed for that?

We set off from the small harbour of Laganas

And here it is, so close to the beach that I could have reached it sminning. Looks a bit sad, but I too would look that way when three to five boats are surrounding me.


Mount Skopos


We sail along the cliffs of the Keri peninsula

Our boat is anchored in this cove near the rock door, and the passengers are allowed to go for a swim.

Imposing rock walls.

On the way back

Another rock door, which must not passed by boats even longer (our boat would be too large anyway) because the waves incuced by the boats could eventually do harm to the rocks to make them fall down.


Small ship behind the door :-).

Next stop at Marathonisi. Another swim, and I explored the narrow passage from the right cave to the beach.

The beach on the opposite side of Marathonisi.

Back at the beach near the small harbour of Laganas, with the wooden bridge to the rock of Agios sostis.