1.8.2014 - A morning walk up Skopos Mountain.

Even in 2012, I intended to climb Mount Skopos; but that year, it got 42 °C at noon, so even the nights were too hot.This year, it is remarkably cooler, we can perfectly sleep with open doors and without air condition. So, I set the alarm clock to 5:20, and at 5:48 I am on my way, at very early dawn, whith bats still flying.


This picture was made with very high light sensibility - spot the street lights of Laganas still on.

Still no sunshine yet - at least not down here, the top of the cloud seems to receive first rays of sun.

First sun in the far valley now - still shadow in the proximity.

Done more than half of the ascent.

Airport and far mountains.

There was a recent woodfire here.

Alexander Freiler, a friend from Winzendorf, was here early July and has sent me a picture of this night fire. Most fires are laid arteficially here, this occuring at night, because then the firefighting planes cannot fly.

First glimpse of ...

 ... Zakynthos Town.

A bank of clouds keeps the sun from appearing - and from making it hot.

View to the Southeast - with the Peloponnes in the far distance.

Nearly reached the summit.

The view down to the Vasilikos peninsula.

On the summit I find myself on a small plateau with a church and a ruined monastery. I donīt find the rocky ascent to the really highest point, so I walk  ...

 ... to the western summit which is a little bit lower. Even the way there, you get  ...

 ... a gorgeous panoramic view. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Ionian Sea with the view to the east.

Zakynthos Town.


The monastery on Mount Skopos

Zakynthos Town.

The Vasilikos peninsula.

Panoramic view from the western summit of Mount Skopos, Zakynthos. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

Mount Skopos main summit and monastery

View down to Kalamaki, with Laganas left behind.

Zakynthos Town, with the island of Kefallonia on behind.

Monastery and main summit of Mount Skopos

Zakynthos Town and Kefallonia

View to the Northwest with the airport and the mountains.

Birdīs eye view of our hotel Crystal Beach.

Zooming in on Zakynthos Town and Kefallonia


Zooming in on Zakynthos Town and Kefallonia

Zakynthos Town in maximal zoom.

Monastery and main summit of Mount Skopos

Vasilikos peninsula

A few olive trees on the plateau

Church and the ruined monastery

Zakynthos Town and Kefallonia, on the way down.

Blooming gorse

The Laganas cove

Back at the area of the wood fire

A plane approaching the runway.

A landfill in the area of an old quarry.

Rusted  equipment of another disused ...

 ... marble quarry.

Keri and Marathonisi

Another wood fire area.

Nearly back down, with the view to the South.

At the end of this beach, under an overhanging rock there is a well flowing directly into the sea.

Wet valley with rank vegetation.

Chaste trees (Monkīs pepper, Vitex Agnus-castus) is flowering here ...

 ... including a more pink variant.

Arriving the beach.

I thought I could shorten the route to the hotel ... instead, I had to climb up the steep escarpment to circumvent the rock ... an exhausting variant!

But I can tackle the detour, and reach the breakfast room of my hotel just in time - 9:45 a.m., for a late breakfast.