15. August - a boat trip around the island

A day trip with a big boat around the island of Zakynthos.

We enter the in the harbour of Zakynthos Town.

Panoramic picture of the harbour of Zakynthos Town. Click here or into the picture for a larger version..

The basilica with its campanile, in Venecian Style - Zakynthos for a long time was occupied by the Venecians, which have left their traces.

A small noble yacht ...

 ... is leaving.

Ferry boat.

Others are flying home today.

Hotel on the hill behind the town.

 ... Maybe, this Hotel should see better times?... ?

View back to the mountains of the Vassilikos peninsula, to the right the houses of Akrotiri.

We are now sailing along the Northeastern coast.


We are approaching Agios Nikolaos ...


 ... and the famous caves. In the background the neighbouring island of Kefallonia.

Windmill, taverna, and a staircase down to the sea.

Arrived at the beach caves near Cape Skinari ...

Small boats can pass the caves, our big boat has to pass by.

I catch the moment when you see the sea through two rock door one behind the other.

Here the small boats for the caves start.

We have now passe the Northern end of Zakynthos at Cape Skinari and are sailing along the Northwestern coast of this triangular island, in southeestern direction.

Now, another landscape takes place: the steep coast ...

 ... with incredible cliffs.

One of those coves is the world famous ship wreck cove which we now are heading for..

Here, the rock walls are towering nearly 200 m up from the water line.

The cove comes closer ...

View back and to the neighbourng island of Kefallonia.

Entering the cove ...

Buzzling activity, many other ships are anchoring here.

The view back onto the sea is overwhelming.

Bathing joys in the ship wreck cove; this is our boat.

In 1980, a freighter stranded here due to broken engines during a storm, the boat was chased by the Greek Marine suspecting it to transport smuggled goods, hence a second name for the cove is "Smuggler´s Cove".

270 degree panoramic picture of the famous ship wreck cove. Click here or into the picture for a larger version..

I walk around a little bit and find some pretty flowers: Sea Holly (Eryngium maritimum)

I am not sure about this plant, best match I think is Petrorhagia glumacea.

Once more no sincere identification, I would assign this plant to the teasel plant family, maybe Pterocephalus perennis.

Another problem with this one: most probably identified as Euphorbia biumbellata.

Leaving the place. After a few seconds ...

 ... the cove is out of sight.

Further more along the ragged West coast.

Porto Vromi ...

 ... with the cave of Poseidon (you can see the face with the eyes - if you can!)

Passing by Limnionis, where we have been the day before yesterday.

The taverna

One of the caves is that large, so the boat even can enter it - the Dolphin Cave.

The village of Keri up on the mountain.

Here we were standing the day before yesterday to admire the sunrise.

The rocks of Keri

The Lighthouse Restaurant, with the largest flag of all over Greece. When we passed by, one of us wanted to use the toilet - which was refused - she would have to consume a drink at least. Yes, I kno that many tourists come along who only want to see the sunset: but is this really necessary? It just causes anger. So, I have to advise against visiting this restaurant. One who acts like this may be unfriendly to his guests at other occasions too.

The rocks of Keri.

We now reach the south cape of the Keri pensinula.

Once more huge rock walls.

Another bathing stop ...

 .. in the turquoise blue water.

Once more passing by the rock door ...

 ... and the bizarre rock. Now spot the ...

 ... cliff jimper.

Marathonissi, this time seen from the "backside" (the south coast).

The rock island of Kalonisi.

Gerakas beach, not very spectacular from this point of view.

The bicoloured rock.

We are approaching Zakynthos Town - the village of Argassi

At the end - once around the island.