13.8.2012: A day´s trip to Porto Limnionas

We have rented a car for a day. With the Freiler family from Winzendorf, by chance being in Kalamaki at the same time, we drive to the rocky Western coast to a little taverna near a small fjord with ceystal clear water inviting to bath.

The taverna near Porto Limnionas

 Free view to the Ionian Sea from the taverna.

A fjord-like, narrow rocky cove is inviting for bathing.

Crystal clear water and rocks with caves made by breaking o the waves.

A small jetty is used by the bathers.

A dried gorge finds its end in the fjord.

On one of the cliffs opposite, the youth is meeting for jumping.



Klara still considers ...


And off we go!

 ... flying  ...

 ... far ...

 ... down!

Klara´s position is a small bit less elegant.

Meanwhile, the adults are relaxing on the beds, which can be rented for 3 Euro a day.

We break up for shopping in the small hamlt of Maries - local products like olive oil, honey and wine.

In the neighbouring village, Exo Chora, an olive tree is said to be 2.000 years old.

We descend on a tiny taverna in Loucha.

The church, consecrated to St. John the Baptist.

Short round walk through the village

Pomegranate tree.

The church, to the left behind the corner is the taverna.

View from the church over the smooth high valley in an altitude of about 487 m.

After initial hesitation, the innkeeper can be persuaded to bring us some delicous bread.

We drive further to Keri, where we enjoy sunset at Kap Keri.

The sun still is a bit above the horizon ...

but sinking gradually...


 .. to dive down ...

 ... into the dust ...

 ... over the Ionian sea.

Now sinking ...

 ... more and more ...

 ... beneath the  ...

 ... horizon.

On the way back, we go for dinner in a fine, but expansive restaurant, beutifully situated at the sea, on the opposite side of the 9km sand beach, west of Laganas.

Here, you get a fine view over the sea, but the food at Zepos in Kalamaki was much better.