12. August - a day in the hotel

After yesterdays evening´s thunderstorms it is a bit cloudy today and - regarding the place - with 30 °C "pleasantly cool".

Late morning I take the camera for a few athmospheric shots. Dark clouds over Keri, ...

 ... drawing back and force seemingly.

A short rain shower over there, rather uncommon for Greece at this season. At first, I could not believe it, but the waiter in a restaurant over there has confirmed it the nextg day.

Aeroplanes start in southern direction against the wind.

I climb the overhanging rock near our hotel, where I get an excellent view.

Old bunker. Laganas and the mountains in the background.

View from the rock down to our Hotel Crystal Beach.

  Another warning plate on top of the rock.

View over the bunker to Marathonissi, Keri and Laganas.

We did only have dinner once in the Taverna Stani, then we turned back to the much better Zepos.

View from the rock in southeastern direction - the mountains of the Vassilikos peninsula.

I am not sure about the identification of this plant: to me, most probably fitting is Carlina oligocephala, which however should not grow here, another possibility would be Carlina Graeca or Carlina curetum - if you know the solution, please drop me a line (contact link on the bottom of the home page).

I think this is Atractylis gummifera

thicket of reed directly behind the hotel terrace.