8.8.2009: Inselrundfahrt mit Mietauto

We have hired a car for two days and explore the island.

First we drive to the peninsula of Vassilikos and have a short swim at Gerakas Beach.

View over the beach and the cove of Laganas to the Keri peninsula; in front the small island of Nisida.

A bathing paradise beyond compare. In the background the mountains behind Laganas

An extremely flat beach with fine sands, you can wade about 100 metres before you have to sim. The water is crystal clear, the light refraction by the waves is drawing an interesting pattern on the sandy ground.

This once more is a turtle beach, with active guards. You get a ticket when entering the area with a time stamp, and you are only allowed to stay for three hours. Thus, the number of people is reduced.

Marked nests and the guards.

Fragile sandstone rocks along the beach.

We drive further to the Banana beach, on the oppsosite side of the island, and no turtle beach. It is not as beautiful as Gerakas Beach, although nice as well.

Sea daffodils (Pancratium maritimum)

Along the eastern coast we are approaching Zakynthos city, where we donīt stop - we have seen it yesterday.

Zooming in to the city.

We have passed by the city and are driving in northern direction, on the eastern edge of the great plain. Flourishing Oleander at a short stop near the village of Alikanas

Bottle brush (Callisteon sp.) - many thanks to A. Hempel for helping to identify.

An aged olive tree near the parking space opposite a shop.

A river, ending shortly thereafter.

Fruits on the bridge.

Wild Giant fennel on the riverbank.

 ... with its yellow umbel bloom.

Driving further we get a nice view over the cove of Alikanas.

The area of the former salines is clearly discernable.

We now drive to the famous shipwreck beach. From a view platform we look down, nearly 200 m to the cove.

Panoramic view down to the shipwreck cove, as seen from the view platform. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

An airy matter ...

Looking down - not for the nervous ones. You get a stiff neck when looking in the opposite direction.

From the parking area a path is leading down - firstly broad, then narrow, finally like a ferrata (but without ropes) I descended here as long as I could with my sandals. From lowermost point I took 11 pictures (in three rows)and stitched them with Microsoft ICE.

We have lunch in a nice taverna in the small village of Anafonitria - nice flowers on the balcony.

Then we go for shopping in the small shops selling mostly tourist stuff, but also some local products like wine, honey and olive oil.
Bugainvillea on a wall. ...

 ... and passion flowers.

In the tavern called The Lighthouse Restaurant near Keri, we are drinking coffee and are wathing the sea.

The day after tomorrow, we shall take the same route as this boat ...

We drive a small bit further to the light house of Kap Keri, where we are waiting for the sunset.

I scramble down a bit on a narrow path, until the world is ending abruptly. Here you get the mostr beautiful view of the Ionian sea.

The sun is sinking slowly ...

Soons it will reach the horizon ...

 ... to disappear in a few minutes.