7.8.2009: A trip to Zakynthos City

Having studied the bus schedule, we are waiting at the bus stop in time - no bus appears. After 25 minutes, we stop a bypassing taxi, which drives us 10 km to Zakynthos city (the price is just about twice that of bus tickets for us all - acceptable regarding to be in out holidays).

We were deposed at the harbour.

The car ferry to the Greek continent (Peloponnes)

The reign of the Venecians from 14th to 18th century has formed the style of the city: this campanile of the monastery of St. Dionysios is standing alone like that on Markus square in Venice.

Palms make up for a southern flair.

Small, not eadible dates.

The square at the museum is triangular shaped.

Here the main shopping street of Zakynthos city begins, which of course we have to stroll along (according to the strong whish of all the girls)

The narrow side streets are leading up to the hill above the city.

Back at the harbour, ...

 ... we are marvelling the huge yachts.

Another campanile, a bit more humble, at the church Agios Nikolaos.

Evening in the hotel, 180 degree panoramic view from our balcony. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

A few people remaining at the beach, and soon they too will have to leave, because in the darknes, the beach belongs to the Loggerhead sea turtles, which are laying their eggs here; the babies have to reach the saving water as fast as possible. Only a few of them manage to do, and only one or two of the young turtles of a nest will survive till grown up.