4.8.2009: Flight and Arrival at the Hotel

Our plane has its lift off at 6:30 a.m. from Vienna city airport. After a short night, we are rewarded by a stunning morning sun over the clouds.

The mountains of the Balkan, somewhere

Difficult photographic situation with the deep sun.

I suppose this to be the Gulf of Corinth.

Kefallonia or Zakynthos?

This is Zakynthos, as seen by the large cove right behind.

The Laganas cove, our destiny.

Cape Keri with its characteristic two rocks, which we shall see from close this week.

Keri peninsula, far right Laganas cove. Our plane is drawing a large curve over the cove to land in northern direction.

Once more the Keri peninsula

Far right the small, uninhabitated isle of Marathonisi, ...

 ... which is also called the "Turtle Island", due to its characteristic shape.


Koukla, Laganas

Laganas, on its right side, where the pine forest starts, is our hotel.

Zooming in to the hotel - from here we even can see the balcony of our room: on the upper floor of the left of the two red-roofed buildings.

Sand dunes and sand beach between Laganas and Kalamaki

View from our balcony. Itīs OK, isnīt it?

The isle of Marathonisi in the background.

Fine sand beach everywhere, onland lots of sea daffodils (Pancratium maritimum) are flourishing.

I am fascinated by these flowers.

On Zakynthos, Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) is breeding, so only the wet zone of the beach is allowed to be used. Conservationists are patroling all time, they also mark the nests with wooden frames.

So, beds and umbrellas are close to the water.

A turtle nest. About 100 eggs are laying here in the sand.

Sea fennel (Echinophora spinosa) - thanks to Mr. Maurizio Minora (from Bollate near Milano) for help with identifying this plant!

More sea daffodils ...

 ... with fruits.

Sand dunes behind the beach.

View in direction Kalamaki.

In the evening, the full moon is reflecting in the sea.