Today the final race of the kids´ skiing course take splace, so the morning is dedicated to watching the race. Afterwards, only a short walk is possible, and in the afternoon, all four of us take their skis and go for Alpine skiing on Naggler Alm.

Slowly, yesterday´s  clouds are lifting. but ...

 ... some clouds still are ...

 ... hanging around.

Techendorf, as seen from the piste of Seewiesen ski lift.

View to the eastern end of Weissensee

During the last night, it has rained a bit (night rain at near 1.000 m height!). Therefore, the ice is softer, not suited for skating.

It holds on, though ...

 ... and is good for walking still.

Seewiesen ski lift

Walking over the ice...

 ... is no problem.

So I walk to the camping area on the western end of the lake and return via the well prepared road.

Springs near the lake, not freezing.

The shore - run.

On the piste of Naggleralm. Nearly free view to Kreuzeck group and to the 3000 ers of  Schober group.

Kreuzeck group

The western part of Weissensee.


View over the summit station of the Four-fold chair lift in northeastern direction to Reiszeck group ...

 ... and ion northern direction to the eastern parts of Kreuzeck group.

Techendorf in the sun, the other villages in the shadow.

A great finish to our holiday: fire works in Techendorf.