The weather has improved a bit, though not completely bright now. I decide to try the cross country run up to Naggleralm.

First I have to cross the lake on my skis, which is about 1 km wide here.

Techendorf and Lienzer Dolomiten, a bit dusty today.

View in eastern direction.

Techendorf in shadow, Kreuzeck group in the sun.

The run up Nggleralm is closed, due to "falling rocks", so there is no preparation. I decide to try the ascent in deep snow, at least till the region of the falling rocks (during frosty weather periods like now there is little risk for falling stones - they usually coem down after longer thaw periods). The ascent through deep snow is very exhausting, so I take the chance of a shortage by a forest road leading down and prescribed with "footpath down to Naggl"

Above Naggl, the outskirts of the forest.

Two lonesome Alpine skiers have saved the bus ride to Naggl and taken the downhill version.

After arrival at home, the weather worsens, so no more activities.