Arrival Day 4.2.2007

Daylight being longer already, after arrival in trhe early afternoon we do not hesitate: Throw the luggage into the room, take the ice skating shoes and lift off for the lake, being in three minutes walking distance.

Open water near the bathing - footbridge, but 16 cm thick ice in all other places.

View from Neusach´s lake shore to Techendorf and Lienzer  Dolomiten

View back to Neusach

Endless skating rink ...

 ... in both directions, they say that this is the largest natural ice skaring area in Europe (being cleaned from snow regularly)

Techendorf comes closer ...

 ... and we have arrived near the bridge over the narrowest part of the lake. Being hungry without having eaten any lunch, we help ourselves at the hot dog stand.

Techendorf, with Kreuzeckgruppe behind. The Drau valley, being about 400 metres lower, cannot be seen here, it is situated between the wooden ridge in the forrground an the mountains in behind.

The eastern part of the lake is embedded between steep escarpments.

The ice of the rink reflecting in the deep afternnoon sun.

Long shadows already.

View from our balcony, shortly before sunset.