Weissensee 19.1.2006

The clouds have disappeared. At least, also the eastern part of the lake is free for skating, so we make up for it.

Fantastic morning glow over Lienzer Dolomiten.

The day seems to become stunning.

Morning panorama of Weissensee. Click into the pictue for a larger version.

Sorry, I do not find a translation for this sport: "Eisstockschiessen", on the lake near Techendorf

Techendorf, as seen from the eastern part of the lake.

The eastern part of Weissensee is situated between mountains and much deeper than the western part (100 m). So the water takes much longer time to cool down and therefore freezes much later than the western part, which is only about 4 m deep.

Techendorf and the Kreuzeck group

In some places the ice is as smooth as glass and excellent to skate on.

Techendorf and the Kreuzeck group

Fascinating wideness. Today´s course is about 10 km.

In some places the ice is a bit thinner....

Techendorf with Lienzer Dolomiten and the Schober group.

Near the bathing huts the water is a bit warmer, not freezing there. Good luck Sheila did not find the place.

The lake bridge.

Back at the eastern part near the bridge.

In the afternoon I go for skiing with Marlene, on Seewiesen ski lift. Evening light at the western part of Weissensee.