Weissensee 16.1.2006

Today, the fog has disappeared (apart from a few rests). The kids attend a skiing course, and we decide to once more skate around the western part of the lake. The eastern part is not yet freee for skating.

Sunrise on Lienzer Dolomiten, to the right is ...

 ... a glimpse on Kreuzeck group

Lienzer Dolomiten ...

 ... and a bit later ...

 ... a bit more later with sun already shining in the foreground.

The moon will set soon now.

After yesterday´s fog everything is covered with magical hoarfrost.

Panorama of the western part of Weissensee, as seen from our balcony. Click into the image for a larger version.

Once more Lienzer Dolomiten.

The cross-country ski run near Seewiesen ski lift

View to Kreuzeck group.


View to Kreuzberg/ Huehnernock

The cross-country ski run leads through ...

 ... a fabulous winter landscape.

Birch near the lake.

View from Seewiesen ski lift to Naggleralm

Small panorama from Seewiesen ski lift to the eastern part of Weissensee.

Sattelnock in the background

Speed skaters find their paradise here.

In the far distance behind the west end (head) of Weissensee Schober group with mountains higher than 3.000 m

Techendorf, as seen from the ice

Techendorf´s lake bridge

Winter forest...

View from the western end over Weissensee

View from the western end over Weissensee

Winter forest

The ice parcour

The last slope of the ski run

Ice cr<stals near "children´s paradise"

In the afternoon a short walk with the dog to the forest above our home.

At times some snow is trickling from the trees.

In the forest, Sheila must be on the lead

View to Naggler Alm. In the background Golz (2.004 m)

Last evening light on Golz

The house where our appartment is situated (centre of the picture)