After a cloudless journey day today it is a bit hazy due to high fog, however lifting at least partially during the day. For a good beginníng, we go for ice skating around the western part of the lake.

14 th Jan, evening: just arrived; a clear winter day comes to its end.

In the morning a bit disappointing: high fog. However, the first holes show up soon. View to the skiing slopes on Naggleralm.

In the west clouds hang for longer not completely dissolving over the day.

Due to many days of sun and frost, the snow is covered by bizzarre ice crystals.

Melting snow at noon makes icicles grow.

Inside the cloud zone there is stunning hoarfrost.

And off we go.

We walk down to the lake ...

 ... and put on our skating shoes.

And here we skate on circuit.

The trees near the lake are covered with lots of hoarfrost, twinkling in the sun.

The ice is so thick, that you can tread there with heavy vehicles.

View from the western end of the lake in eastern direction

Cloud rests hanging on Huehnernock (1.508 m)

On sunday there are lots of folk on the ice circuit.

Sheila of course has found the only free water puddle in 5 kilometers ambit ...

Hoarfrost and snow on the trees.

Once more a horse´s sleigh dirving in an extra track besides the ice circuit.

View to Techendorf´s bridge

At home: ice crystals on the snow near the house.