16.9.2005: Walk on the eastern part of the north shore of Weissensee

Weissensee being embedded between steep wooded escarpents, there is no road along the lake in its eastern part. Today we do a "Triathlon": Driving with the car to the end of the road free for cars, further on with the bicycles to Ronacherfels inn, on foot from there to the eastern end of the lake and back to Ronacherfels inn with the boat. Finally, back to the car park with the bikes.

View in western direction from Ronacherfels near the homonymous inn. Today it is so hazy as to Lienzer Dolomiten not being visible.

Initially, the path leads along the shore all the time

Autumnal dogrose

Only few reed here and once more the inevitable white color of the water. At least Techendorf can be seen today.

Looking to the opposite shore near the landing stage at Paterzipf

The path leading down at the shore ...

 ... giving Sheila the possibility to make a considerable part of the distance when swimming

I have to hurry up now.

The fruits of Woody nightshade (Solanum dulcamara) are ripe too.

Something to play with

The boat passes by

The path constantly leads through forest, partly consisting of pines

You may even bathe in a small well.

At some places the crags directly merge with the water

at times a smooth shore

On half way a boat landing stage. Here the lake midway is 99 m deep.

Now the path leads high up the slope to circumvent the high crags merging with the lake.

Other berries are ripe too

A fallen giant tree in the water

Our destination finally: Dolomitenblick inn at the boat landing stage on the eastern end of the lake.

Arrived at our destination

The boat harbour

Our ship arrives

More clouds now with only short sunny spells.

Back at Ronacherfels inn.

Sheila uses the time we need to prepare the bikes for a last bath

First thick clouds are announcing an incoming rain front. We have had very big luck with the weather, as for the next day permanent rain follows us driving home