15.9.2005: Bicycle ride around the middle and western part of Weissensee

With our bicycles this time we ride the northern shore till the landing stage at Ronacherfels, there we take the boat, that carries us with our bikes to the other side of the lake. From there we ride back on the southern shore till the head of the lake, so we circle western and middle part of the lake. At the eastern part there are no roads due to steep escarpments.

Morning mists once more ...

Today we have a very clear view to Lienzer Dolomiten, which are about 35 km apart (air - line distance).

Dark mullein (Verbascum nigrum)

In this picture and the following ones you easily can comprehend why this lake is named "white lake"

Panorama as seen from a point east of Neusach - click into the picture for a larger version

In far distance Lienzer Dolomiten

 ... this time with Techendorf´s church spire

Reiszkofel in far distance

Far left Ronacherfels inn, on the opposite side the landing stage at Paterzipf. We cross the lake on the boat between these two points, including our bikes.

Playing with the colours ...


During a lunch break I walk a few steps inside the forest: grenn death cap (Amanita phalloides) - eating only this one toadstool would kill you!

Ronacherfels inn, as seen from the landing stage. To the right behind the hut the crag reaching into the lake that gave the name to the inn.

A fine view from the landing stage over the middle part of Weissensees, in the background Lienzer Dolomiten as well as Schober group far behind, witrh summits of more than 3.200 m.

Once more these unique colours of this lake ...


Our boat is approaching at least.

A rather unusual method to transport a kiddy´s wagon

The side valley to Hermagorer Bodenalm

The landing stage of Paterzipf is reached after a few minutes.

Now we ride back on the south shore of the lake: View in western direction ...

 ... and in eastern direction

Bathing places near Naggl ...

... and on the other side at Neusach

A quiet cove near Naggl

We have passed the bridge, the western part to come.

The sun flowers of our first day look even prettier today.

The grass slopes near the southern shore of lake are bathing in glistening light.

I leave Susan and the kids at the camping ground, and ride home to get Sheila, walking back with her. On the way, a meadow with autumn crocus (Colchica autumnale)

The reed zone on the western north-shore.

Now Sheila has pleasure too today ...

The bathing place near the Camping ground

I go for an additional short walk with Sheila whereas the family rides home. On a big meadow Austrian Gentian (Gentiana austriaca)

A nice view over the lake from there...

 ... and to the other side to Kreuzeck group.

In the forest: "Wunderbaum", ("Magic tree") an ancient fir.

The walk home along the lake

Glorious sunset behind Lienzer Dolomiten.