13.9.2005: Boat round trip on Weissensee

This day is dedicated to a boat round trip. The boat takes off from the landing stage at Techendorf´s bridge over the lake, goes to the eastern end of the lake, and returns..

In the morning we start walking to Techendorf

In the reed zone: Indian Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera)

The boat has taken off from the bridge. This concrete bridge exists since 1968. It spans over the most narrow part of the lake being very shallow here. Before, there has been a wooden bridge since the year 1.050.

Techendorf, and Kreuzeckgruppe in behind, advanced by the zoom (the Drau valley in between)

Techendorf with the bridge, in the background Lienzer Dolomiten.

Near the landing stage at Neusach the water is turquoise-blue-white: the limestone underground shimmers white on some shores - hence the name "Weissensee" ("white lake"

View in western direction: not much reed here

Once more Techendorf with Lienzer Dolomiten. Far behind the church spire Hohe Tauern with the Schober group.

Near the landing stage at Naggl

Sunshine now alternates with clouds, conjuring nice light effects on the grassland.

View into the side valley to Hermagorer Bodenalm

The eastern shore comes into sight ...

 ... and here is the reason why there is no road between eastern and western shore: steep rocks and escarpments are merging with the water.

Coves with turquoise-blue-white water

Naggl with Lienzer Dolomiten in behind

Sheila must be patient today

Dolomitenblick inn ("dolomite view inn") on the eastern shore of Weissensees with the boat landing stage

Near the small house there is the effluent of the lake; apart from a few very small becks, all water influx is from underground.

Back near the landing stage at Paterzipf

Now we have left the boat and walk around western part of the lake.Once more we have a break near the camping ground near Praditz

View over all of the western part of the lake

Zooming in on the bridge near Techendorf