11.9.2005: Bicycle ride around the western part of Weissensee

Today the weather is unstable, and showers are forcast for the afternoon. So we decide to make up for a short bicycle ride around the western part of the lake, with the kids and the dog.

A bit cloudy in the morning. View in western direction from the bridge over the lake near Techendorf

View in eastern direction from the same viewpoint.

Zooming in on the lake

Now it is clearing up fast. We are riding on the southern shore of Weissensee in western direction. At this height (930 m), sun flowers still blossom.

In the background the head of the lake. Behind it, only separated by that narrow ridge, is the Drau valley, about 300 m deeper. Behind Drau valley, in clouds, is Kreuzeck group with summits up to more than 2.700 m

The shore of the western part is mainly covered with reed

Techendorf´s church

The houses of the village of Gatschach are reflecting in the water

The shore, here with boggy grass and a few birches.

View in eastern direction with the bridge over the lake near Techendorf.

Some of the grassy slopes above the southern shore are curiously vawy.

The head of the lake and the village of Oberdorf

Grass, forest, water, sky and clouds ...

Sheila enjoys the water once more

A short shake before the swim continues ...

The shore at the Camping ground near Praditz

View from there in direction East over the western part of the lake

Relaxing at times when the kids are playing.

This is our accomodation - the hindmost house exactly in the middle of the picture, with the big balcony in the first floor, which we could use as a whole.

We escaped this shower just in time ...

 ... but it cleared up quickly afterwards, so we had a short walk to the lake at late afternoon.

Panorama of the lake as seen from Gatschach. Click into the picture for a larger version.

View in eastern direction. Far left the spire of Techendorf´s church.

In the evening shortly before sunset a short walk with the dog.

Evening light. In the background thge chairlift to Naggler Alm (1.324 m)