10.9.2005: Bicycle Ride Groszglockner and Arrival in Oberdorf

On 10.9.2005, the company DiaTeam organized a bicycle ride from Bruck an der Glocknerstraße (755 m) to Fuschertoerl (2.430 m). This day being our arrival day and Weissensee is less than 100 km from Glocknerstrasze, I start on Friday, 9.9. with fully packed car to Bruck.

View into Fuscher valley from near the Hotel

View back into the Salzach valley. Morning mist ist just dissolving.

Here we spent the night

Everybody prepares himself ...

The very handsome organizer team ...

 ... but donīt dispise the participants !

Even highly decorated senior professors take part.

The first ascent after the village of Fusch makes big selection to the group.

But still they can smile.

View into the valley to Fuscherkarkopf (3.331 m)

Fuscherkarkopf as seen from the tollgate at Ferleiten. Now the ascent is relentless, and not wanting to fall back hopelessly, I canīt take more fotos during the way up.

Arrived on top ...

... is the Author of these pages too.

Clouds, but the panorama in direction West begins to clear up a bit.

The last reversements of the road and a panoramic view to Fuscherkarkopf and Klockerin (3.425 m) as well as to Wiesbachhorn (3.564 m). Click into the picture for a larger version.

Here should be a glimpse to Groszglockner somewhere ...

The clouds at Klockerin havenīt yet completely dissolved

Clouds at Wiesbachhorn too ...

 ... although some parts are enlightened.

Panorama of Klockerin and Wiesbachhorn - click into the picture for a larger version.

The organizer team has used my car too, so it is up here as well, and I can continue my journey driving further on the road. View from southern tympanum of Hochtor tunnel into the valley in direction south.

Cloud congestion from south brings pretty views

View over the uppermost Moell valley in direction south

The classical picture postcard view of Heiligenblut. Groszglockner wrapped in clouds, however.

An old water mill near Doellach

Lienzer Dolomites as seen from Iselsberg. Cloud congestion from south with foen clouds and the typical constant sunny spell behind ...

... and as a Panorama this time. Click into the picture for a larger version.

View back to the Glockner group

A short bit further, a stunning view over the Drau valley. The city of Lienz far right. Click into the picture for a larger version.

On arrival at Weissensee we are welcomed by a stunning view from our balcony on the most western part of the lake. Click into the picture for a larger version.

A first short walk to the shore. Of course, Sheila has to check out the water quality at once.

Unfortunately, a big shower  has caught us.

In the evening, however, it is clearing up. This view from our balcony to Lienzer Dolomiten will occupy me several times henceforth.

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