Unterberg 30.8.2008

Today is "Almkirtag" near Unterberghuette. This is a folk festival attracting people from near and afar. There is a mountainbike - race, a wooden dancing place, climbing piles beer boxes and helicopter flights. We are visiting our friends in Rohr im Gebirge and drive up to their mountain pasture to reduce the residual ascent to 20 minutes.

View over the pasture. Our car near the forest far left.

Lots of people and action around Unterberg hut. The beer box pilers/climbers are secured by a truck-mounted crane.

The helicopter lifts off to one of its round flights - shame that this made such a horrible noise that you did not understand your own words.

The home strait of the mountain bike race

The winner of the race took the 6 km from the parking ground in about 700 m altitude up here in about 1180 m in less than 22 minutes - a sensational averange of about 16 km/h!

SHort detour to Unterberg summit (1.342m). From the slope the view goes to the small church of Maria Einsiedl near Unterberg hut, to the right a hunting lodge.

Wooly thistle (Cirsium eriophorum)

At this time of the year, willow gentians (Gentiana asclepiadea) are flowrishing in many places.

Monk´s hood (Aconitum napellus)

Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris)

On Unterberg summit

Good view from here to the north and west.

Unterberg summit is covered by grassland and forest to the south, but the north flanks are built by steep rocky escarpments.

St. John´s wort (Hypericum)

Near Unterberg hut Austrian Gentian (Gentianella Austriaca)

We now join the folk festival: decorated tractors

"Bandl - Tanz" (dancing with bands)

Mainly, this is however a place to eat and drink.

At the descent: The church Maria Einsiedl

Back down to "Gries"

Elder bush with ripe fruits

Flowrishing bean in the kitchen garden

Late sun flower in the kitchen garden

Canadian Golden rod

31.8.2008: A walk around Winzendorf. The limestone quarry and Hohe Wand behind Prosset - gorge.