18.4.2014 - Teide - Nationalpark und Strand

I succeded in persuading the girls to a drive up into the Teide National Park. They are definitely not obliged to move themselves there. Afterwards I treat them with a visit of a beach. Bathing utilities already packed into the cvar, we start our drive up to the mountains.

Today, from the viewpoint above Vilaflor you can see Gran Canaria above the clouds - at a distance of about 100 km!

View down to the many net-protected banana plantations.

Wonderful mountain forest ...

 ... with the Canarian endemic lotus species (Lotus campylocladus), growing much higher here as compared to those growing around the Roques de Garcia.

Information plate to explain the different kinds of lava.

This seems to be older lava; the inhabitants are not as old though.

Lava streams coming down from Pico Viejo, near the Boca Tauce. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Another view up to Pico del Teide and Roques de Garcia - after 6 days only small rests of the new snow.

Once more I enjoy the rocks and the flowers at the Roques de Garcia

Yellow, white and violet flowers!

We drive a bit till the western end of the Las Canadas. Extremely good visibility. If you look thoroughly on this panoramic picture, to the left behind La Gomera you also see the island of El Hiero, right of La Gomera above the white clouds is La Palma. Both islands at a distance of about 120 km air line. Click here or into the picture for a larger display..

O the drive back we have a closer look to Vilaflor, I did not take time for this before.

Vilaflor is the highest mountain village of Tenerife at an altitude of about 1.400 m.

View up to the mountains.

While the girls are enjoying coffee and drinks in a Cafe´, I have a look to the village - and find out the reason for its name.

On every, indeed on every imaginable free space, golden poppies (Eschscholzia californica) are growing ...

... sometimes together or alternating with Mallow bindweed (Convolvulus althaeoides).

Growing even in the narrow cleft between the street and the drip rail formed of concrete.

After a long descent we look for the Playa del Duc, said to be the most beautiful beach of Tenerife. The beach is really beautiful - apart from the fact that the only parking space several kilometres around is the parking garage of a shopping mall from where we had to walk down for about 5-10 minutes.

And accordingly, it is crowded. Nearly no space to sit at 1 p.m. Hiring one of the umbrellas (including two beds) would cost nearly 20 Euro a day !!! Together with the price for the garage this is quite a high price for a day at the beach.

La Gomera.

Did you say something about cold?

It´s not as bad, is it?

We finish the day with a delicious icecream in this beautiful beach cafe´. After a short shopping tour in the mall we drive back to our hotel.