17.4.2014 - A boat trip to dolphins and whales

Susanne has booked a "Whale watching" trip. We are fetched from the hotel by a shuttle bus and driven to the coast village of Puerto de Santiago. There we enter a boat which brings us out on the open sea to detect dolphins and whales.

The marina of Puerto de Santiago.

Here is our boat is landed.

The "normal coast" comes to an end at Puerto de Santiago. Here is the beginning of the giant cliffs called "Los gigantes". Over many kilometres, the land here drops down to the sea in huge escarpments.

We shall ship close to these rocks on our way back.

We head for the open sea and the island of La Gomera.

View back on Puerto de Santiago.

 ... more and morte detatching from Tenerife ...

 ... and approaching La Gomera ...

 ... Zooming in on La Gomera.


First dolphins

There are not a few dolphins crossing our way, there are dozens!

At times, pods of dolphins are following our boat.

More distant ones ...

 ... are seen jumping out of the water.

What beautiful animals! Glad to see that also in the wilderness they really like to jump out of the water - not only in the show.

Once more, a much bigger body is seen in the water

There isnīt a local blurring in this picture, no this is the narrow steam jet of a blowing pilot whale.

The dolphins are nearly offended now nobody takes notice of them.

Dolphins in front of La Gomera


Heading back now for Tenerife, but firstly not to the marina but to the "Los gigantes", the huge rocky cliffs

The volcanic island of Tenerife was built in several stages. The oldest phase was three volcanic islands, one of which was this area. n the centre of this triangle, the huge Teide - volcano raised, once more taling several phases to connect the three islands to a single bigger one.

Anyway, this part of Tenerife is one of the oldest ones. Wind and weather had time enough to form the huge cliffs out of the volcanic strata, ...

 ... raising up more than 200 m today.

Here, the walking route through the Masca gorge comes to its end.

Similar to the Cretian Samaria gorge, walkers are fetched from here by boat and brought back to Puerto de Santiago.

The boat is anchored for half an hour. Klara takes the chance for bathing, for the rest of us, the water is much too cold.

You need 5 pictures in high format to catch the whole scenery. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Zooming in the steep escarpments of the Masca gorge.

One more composed picture. Click here or into the picture for a larger display..

Shipping now along the stunning rock walls back to Puerto de Santiago.

Seagulls accompany the boat and take food from crew.

More gorges ...

 ... and escarpments.

Back to Puerto de Santiago. Another group of passengers is already waiting for to enter the boat.