16.4.2014: Loro Park

If you ask 10 people who have been to Tenerife what you sould see there, 9 of them would say "the Loro Park". Of course our guide book shares that opinion, so taking in mind a one hourīs highway drive, we have an early start to avoid the late morning masses. Tickets have been bought in advance at the hotel.

The North - clouds at many times ... but not today!

A hole in the clouds provides us with this spectacular view of Pico del Teide.

Paragliders making use of the ascending Passat winds which are responsible for the formation of the clouds.

Our destination is Puerto de la Cruz.

A pond with hundreds of differently colored carps near the entrance

The penguin house comes with artificial snow

Fishe in the aquarium ...

We go to the dolphin show starting in a few minutes.

Five teachable and playful dolphins show us their feats.

Riding dolphins ...

Jumping is their passion.

Canīt be high enough for this one!

bye bye!

Hey! No fish today?

No problem drawing a little boat!

Bathing in the sun ...

Jumping once more - and throwing their trainer up into the air!

Flying dolphin

Ciao, thatīs it.

Small clawed otter on the way to the next attraction ...

 ... and a tiger ...

 ... now for the Orca show. I know itīs controversial to keep Orcas in a small pool ... but they are giving a great show.

Jumping like dolphins.

backstroke ...

A bucket of fish in between.

Visit at the beach.

ciao ...

 ... getting the reward.

Waterproofs for those who sit very close

Jumping backstroke

 ... and normal this time.

Next stop: the sea lion show.

One big and three smaller sea lions show us what they have been teached.

To balance a ball seems to be one of the easier tricks

Two balls!

Bring back the ball? No problem!

Sliding down without losing the ball

Break out ...

 ... and kisses for the audience.

Splendid reward.

Jump over the stick

Kisses for the trainer ... seems rather energy snapping when this heavy guy gives you a hug!

Once more establishing contact to the visitors

Retreive the stick ...

 ... and balance on the highest point of the stones.

Hoop games

The last show is the loro show - this zoo started as a parrot park and was more and more extended to its actual size.

Puzzle with the Canarian islands

Ride the wagon


(ring the bell 10 times)

Organize dressing material

Flamingoes in the grassland in front of the loro house. You wonīt believe it - we are in the North and enjoy the sunshine.

The succulents growing in my winter garden are growing here too ... a bit bigger though ...

 ... and flowrishing at this time of the year.

We enter a huge open air enclosure with nets spanned over trees, where you can marvel at birs from rather close - by use of ladders.

Oacean turtle in the aquarium ...

 ... and orchids in the orchid house.

Rather exhausted, we come back to the entrance.

On the drive back, Susanne demands a detour to the beach called Playa de la Teresitas. This is an artificial beach with sand from the Sahara, but nice anyway.

The green Northeast of the island.

The water is too cold for a full dip, but good to cool the tired feet.

Evening on our hotel terrace.