An island round trip 14.4.2014

Today, all four uf us enter the hired car for a trip around the island, according to a recommendation of our guide book.

The Pool isn´t  utilized by us today ... far in the background once more Pico del Teide.

First, we drive along the southwestern coast, upwards nearly all the time.

In between, nice views far down to the sea  ...

 ... and to La Gomera.

The ceramic workshop in Arguayo is closed, regrettably, as every monday.

Near Santiago del Teide we suddenly get a stunning view to Pico del Teide, with Pico Viejo to its right side.

Teide - gorse und Pico del Teide

The fertile plain near Santiago del Teide, intensely agriculturally used

Pine tree forests in the upper mountain regions.

Still much snow on the Northern flanks.

Panoramic picture of the high plain of Valle de Arriba and Santiago del Teide. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

The three girls are enjoying the short break.

We now cross the highest mountain pass of the island (1.100 m) and drive steep down to the little town of Garachico. The vegetation in fact is much ranker here.

View along the Northern coast in western direction. In the background Buenavista del Norte.

Strauchmargerite  (Argyranthemum frutescens)

View down to Garachico

View along the Northern coast in eastern direction.

After struggling down the many hairpin bends we finally reach Garachico. Short stop at a view point near the town.

A presentation board informs us on a big disaster some 300 years ago.

I suppose these are the reminders of the lava stream that destroyed the harbour in 1706.

Today, the waves of the atlantic ...

 ... are rolling over them.

Between the rocks, natural pools have been contructed for bathing. Too cold for me, however.

Mrs. associate professor is giving an improvisational lecture.

The old defense tower of Garachico.

We walk the beautiful old town.

We have driven to Icod de los Vinos to see Teneriffa´s oldest Dracaena tree, which is now 1000 or 2000 years old, as oroginally supposed, but "only" 400 years.

Walking back to the parking garage.

Last stop in Puerto de la Cruz. After a long unsuccesful search for a free parking space in this "huge city", once more we found space in a parking garage.

The black beach  ...

 ... attracts surfers ...

 ... and Austrian tennagers.

The pier to its left is interesting due to the waves ...

We stroll along the crowded beach promenade. To the sea side, there has established a huge public bathing beach with pools and beds.

In the evening, back at the hotel, the girls go for shopping. A good opportunity for a short stroll to the nearby beach ...

 ... to enjoy the evening impressions.

Persistent thermic clouds on the mountains, and sunshine on the coast.

Beach panorama of San Eugenio Bajo. Click here or into the picture for a larger version

Waves at the  pier

Cloud covered mountains.

The island of La Gomera in the west, covered with Thermic and passat clouds like Teneriffa. So, the real sunset is not displayed.

But still nice seeing the sun sinking behind the clouds of La Gomera.

There always is a full moon to be admired somewhen during the Holy week.