13.4.2014 - Mountain walk to Guajara (2.718 m)

This time, there are no pictures of the fliht and arrival. The reaon is, that as well as at our departure in Graz ans at our arrival in Teneriffa, the sky was overcast, and shortly after our arrival, the heavens opened for heavy rain. So no plans for the next day on our arrival day.

Next morning, the sky is clear. The three girls opt for a "chill out" at the hotel pool, so the hired car is mine, and a bit belated I start for the Teide national park. I drive via Arona to Villaflor, the highest mountain village on the island, at an altitude of about 1.400 m, situated on the northern end of a high plateau. Further on, into the Teide national park there heading for the Guajara.

We enjoy the morning from the terrace of our room. Suddenly, I  face that view up to the steep volcanic cone of Pico del Teide (3.717 m), covered with snow after yesterday´s rain.

That means: I have to come close right now!

I drop the girls here ...

 ... and rive up the well constructed mountain road to the Teide national park.

As stated earlier, the south of the island is dry as can be seen by the vegetation - succulent plants, Agavae, cactuses

Bizarre vulcanic peaks in between.

View sown to the sea.

Short panorama - click here or into the picture for a larger display.

What you can buy in garden shops at home is growing here in the wilderness - Strauchmargerite (Argyranthemum frutescens),

First  golden poppy (Eschscholzia californica) besides the road. I shall see much more of them  ...

Giant fennel (Ferula communis)

Mallow bindweed (Convolvulus althaeoides)

Golden poppies

Near Viloflor golden poppies are flowrishing everywhere along the road and inside the village. Now looking up to the mountains of the Teide massive.

A few miles above Vilaflor you get a nice view down. This place is already 1.800 m above sea level.

After a woodfire, this Canarian type of wallflower (Erysimum scoparium) could develop in masses.

At the Boca del Tauce I get a first view to Pico del Teide.

Giant lava streams.

I further drive the Teide road till the rocks to the right. On my way I have to stop several times to admire the Pico del Teide.

Zooming in. Even the rope of the cable car is covered with snow. The heavy wind keeps the cabel car from being serviced.

Roques de Garcia - bizarre rock towers

Panoramic picture of the western Caldera of the Las Canadas, which is delimited to the east by the rocks. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

wallflower (Erysimum scoparium) besides the road

First exemplars of the Teide - gorse, an endemic plant of Teneriffa and La Palma

Sorry, I cannot upload the sweet smell of these flowers ...

View over the western Caldera

I decide for the Guajara (2.718 m) doesn´t look so much because my car is parked already at 2.200 m.

Regrettably, I miss the right path, so the walk is much more strenuous than planned.

View from the slopes of Guajara to the western and part of the eastern Caldera of the Las Canadas. Click here or into the picture for a larger display..

Clouds drawing over Pico del Teide.

On the ridge of Guajara. view to the west over the Sombrero del Chasma (2.405 m)

At this point, I decide to turn back because the further path is extremely exposed.

Panoramic view over the western Caldera of the Las Canadas, as seen from the ridge of Guajara. Click here or into the picture for a larger display..

On the descent

Panoramic view of part of the eastern Caldera of the Las Canadas. Click here or into the picture for a larger display..

Back to the caldera; wallflower (Erysimum scoparium)

Yellow flixweed (Descurainia bourgeauana)

After the walk, I drive the short leg to the Roques de Garcia to see them from near.

A Canarian endemic lotus species (Lotus campylocladus)

This rock is the reminder of a volcanic vent.

A Canarian endemic lotus species (Lotus campylocladus)

Barriers to prevent soil erosion caused by the thousands of visitors coming here every day.

Pico del Teide clouds now.

I drive a little bit further to get directly beneath the Pico del Tede. View over the eastern Caldera of the  Las Canadas. It has started to rain a very slight bit.

Vulkanschlot Click here or into the picture for a larger display..

On the way back. Much more (harmless thermic-) clouds hanging on the mountains. The island is large enough to still get sunshine on the south coast - to be seen here afar. The light patches are banana plantations covered with nets, there are thousands of that kind in Tenerife.