5.10.2019: En route with Anthony and flight home.

At 6:30 a.m., Dr. Anthony arrives with his Landrover at my tent.After a breakfast, we start our drive, to Moshi and beyond. He wants to show me his garden. For the first time after several months, it is raining in the Maasai land. So, no pictures from the way.

Anthony has conversed his hen house to rabbit breeding, because rabbits need less care, and in a few weeks he will start to a three years´ training in Mwanza on lake Victoria.

Pigs are also kept. His mother takes care of the garden and the farm.

The animals´ dung is use to manure the plants in the garden. Twice a week, a local beck may be led into the garden for a few hours.

Bananas still not ripe.

A red variety of Bananas.

Papaya´s had been removed here and new plants will be grown.

A young, flourishing mango tree in a neihbouring garden, which we also have a look at.

Banana and Mango ...

 ...  this one with small, unripe Mango´s. 

Anthony claims this tree to be only 7 years old. I am still a bit sceptical ...

We visit a large vegetable field.

Anthony in front of his garden door.

We drive to Anthony´s son, to take him with us to a drive - but we don´t find him. He somewhere out playing with other kids.

The mother of the 4 years old child also doesn´t know where he is.

So only we two drive fahren up to the Marangu waterfalls on the slopes of Kilimandscharo.

A small entrance fee has to be payed to enter the narrow paths to the beautiful small waterfall.

Anthony, ...

 ... he also makes my picture. 

On the drive back, we finally find the lost son, and take him to a local rabbit farm.

The animals are used for food here, much more frequent than in our country.

The area belongs to a school, which has, like most other African schools, its own garden

In the schoolyard is a Mango tree with partly ripe fruits.The Mango saison is in November and Dezember.

On the drive back, Anthony has to get cash money from the bank in Moshi. Another kind of Africa with a glass palace ...

Anthony has brought me to the Kilimandscharo airport in time. After take-off, we first pass a thick blanket of clouds, but finally, I can see from more than 6.000 m asl, far behind me.

Towernig clouds ...

 ...  on the flight through the beginning dusk.

After a stop of several hours in Adis Abeba, I take the night flight to Vienna, landing there at 5:45 local time (6:45 Tansanian time). Susi drives me home from the airport, at home 300 histological reports are waiting ...