30.9. - 4.10.2019: Days at the Momella Hospital.

Some more days staying in or near the hospital, mostly however in the restaurant, which is something like a universal meeting point, talking with other European helpers of the project, but also some time in the operation unit, with the surgeons, who mainly do not have (or want to have) time for me. At least I spent a few hours teaching Dr. Sebastian with older operation specimens how to discover macroscopic changes. Important prerequisite to send the right material for histological examination. However, the beauty of the landscape stays there, and I really enjoy it.

30.9.2019: Mount Meru is beautiful in the morning sun.

Mount Mukuru (far right)

Meru and Mukuru.

On the way to the hospital.

It´s cleaning day in the operation theatre, as you easily can see.

This morning, Kilimandscharo stays visible nearly till lunchtime. I have a talk with my "sponsored child", a poor 14 year old boy from Ngare Nanjuki, who is supported by me by a monthly amount of money.

Today, the sun goes down directly behind Mount Meru, because there are only a few clouds - a rare event.

Mount Meru and Mount Mukuru.

1.10.2019 First sunlight on Mount Meru.

Walking the hospital area.

In the afternoon, suddenly the sky darkens, ...

 ... we are wrapped in a thick cloud of brown dust, and a few minutes later a heavy thunderstorm starts with flashes, thunder and heavy rain. Afterwards, I learned, that this storm has before touched the city of Arusha - as can be seen in this Video! I wait inside the operation theatre building for the rain to cease. On the ride home, I get a bit wet however. Locals report later, that they never before had experienced such a weather phenomenon.

2.10.2019 - New snow on Mount Meru

A bank of clouds over the valley, but the mountain is free already.

Mist drawing before Mount Meru, ...

Gradually dissolving though.

Sunshine on my ride down to the hospital.

Large puddles everywhere.

The farmer takes advantage of the situation ...

Much more clouds on the mountain in the afternoon.

3.10.2019: Today, I also could talk to my wife´s "sponsored child", a 14-year old girl from Momella. Michael organized a whatsapp video call with a hotspot, so my wife even could talk to the girl and see her.

More clouds today on Mount Meru ...


 ... and wonderful light late afternoon.

Clouds also drawing up from Kilimandscharo direction.

The locals prefer to guide their cattle home asap, ...

 ... passing by the school. 

I am really fascinated by the beautiful light ...

 ... forgetting ...

 ... to ride home in time, because these clouds not only look like rain, it really is rain, which soaks me on my way back to the Nature Homes. This time, I´m getting really wet.

4.10.2019: More sun, and Meru looks nice.


I have to stay at the tent a little longer today, to dry up my trousers.

Finally riding down, I meet Paulo in his school garden.

Proudly he presents me his plantation.

Dr. Christine Wallner´s therapy house. She is in Austria at the moment for personal medical treatment.

I walk around a bit ...

 ... admiring the huge baobab tree. Its picture gave model to the logo of Africa Amini Alama. Table and chairs for size comparison.

The Shop, where local women produce and sell their sewing products.

Bougainvillea near ...

 ... the restaurant. Today is farewell day, because Anthony will pick me up tomorrow early in the morning.