29.9.2019: A day in the Original Maasai Lodge.

Today, on Sunday, I am allowed to stay in the room til 4 p.m., as it is not used at the moment. Afterwards, I am brought back to Momella.

Shortly after 6 a.m., I am up to experience the sunrise in the Lodge. First sun now on Mount Meru.

The sun is still hidden behind Kilimandscharo.

Mount Meru

Bet view to Mount Meru from the northern hill of the lodge.

Kilimandscharo ...

 ... and the sun is nearly up.

More light on Mount Meru ...


 ... and the first sunray comes up behind Kilimandscharo. 

Getting more ...

 ... and soon the sun outshines everything.

Sunshine at the lodge now, with a wonderful yellow-orange light.

Morning change of guards.

The complete personnal of the lodge is provided by local Maasai people - from the manager to the charwomen.

More light at the Kilimandscharo side.

Mount Meru and the first morning light at the lodge and the Maasai steppe.

The pool of the Maasai Lodge ...

 ... with its attached building, used for massage and sauna. 

Mount Meru

The view is trailing away in the endless Maasai steppe ... in the dust, this could be Mount Longido (2.637 m).

One of the watchmen ...

 ... is targeted by Semi, the photographer and camera man. During hi stay in Momella and the lodge, he produced terabytes of data for videos and pictures.

Mount Meru


I asked Semi to take my pictures with my camera.

Later morning outside the room, in the shadow, with Dr. Christine Wallner´s bookm, which I found on the table here. Kili is now in extreme dust, but still visible, ...

 ... at least with a maximum of photographic tricks.

In the afternoon, I am brought back to Momella.