28.9.2019: A day in the Original Maasai Lodge

I spend the weekend in the wonderful Original Maasai Lodge, situated inmidst the Maasai Steppe, about 20 km from Momella, inmidst a volcanic hillside covered with grass and a few acacia trees, with a free view to Kilimandscharo and Mount Meru.

Saturday morning - I missed the sunrise, but still beautiful light. In the forground is my "room"  - a traditional Maasai hut ("Boma"), with (solar) electricity, warm water, hot shower and toilet as well as a wonderful full size bed. In front of the romm there is a shady outside bed with free view to Kilimandscharo, which also can be seen from the inside bed, if the large door is opened.

Today, Kilimandscharo is already hidden behind clouds.

On the way to the restaurant, where ...

 ... a tasty breakfast is served.

Mount Meru is "watching" all the time.

Recently, the restaurant was enlarged by this house, because new rooms had been built.

A bit later ...

 ... I start to a "nature walk" into the Maasai steppe.  

We walk the grassy volcanic hills.

Still many volcanic rocks lying around.

Elias, my Maasai guide.

Mount Meru

A few acacia trees.

Mount Meru

We meet a herd of zebras.

Youtube video

Maasai with their cattle a bit further. Mostly kids and teenagers are taking care of the animals.

In this flat hollow, water is accumulating during the rain season. Furthermore, the soil is reaching a bit deeper down, so much more plants and trees can survive the dry season.

Panoramic picture of the Maasai steppe. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Therefore, the Maasai prefer to go to this place with their animals.

The animals are much smaller than the European ones.

Lava rocks lying around.

We also meet a big flock of goats.


Once more, kids have to take care of the animals. These kids never get the chance to see a school from inside. ...

In the afternoon, taking a rest, all of a sudden, I discover a rainbow building up in front of Kilimandscharo, ... 

 ... getting bigger ... 

 ... so I get up to walk around with the camera. 

Rainbow over Kilimandscharo.

Passing by the pool, with water cleaned by a natural filtration method without any chlorine.

Here, you can take a bed in the shadow, and I have a chat with some people from Belgium, who take a rest after a safari holiday.

The rainbow is staying for rather long above Kilimandscharo. 

In the late afternoon/evening, once more I get out with my camera, because now the clouds on Kilimanscharo collapse, and the summit gets visible.

Panoramic picture of the Maasai steppe near the Original Maasai Lodge. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Second panorama of the Maasai Steppe near the Original Maasai Lodge, in the picture far left. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.


A few minutes later, Kilimandscharo appears, in wonderful evening light.

Mount Meru ...

 ... and once more Kilimandscharo. 

Kilimandscharo in evening light.

I nearly missed the setting sun, which I did not see from my former view place.

Kilimandscharo, after sunset down here.

Far left the Mount Mukuru. 

A group of Maasai is singing and dancing on the hill near the lodge.

Youtube video of the Maasai dance

Sunset even on Kilimandscharo. 

Mount Meru in last evening light.