23. - 27.9.2019: Days near the Hospital and drive to the Maasai Lodge.

A few days near the hospital, talking with doctors. Among others, ...

 ... with Dr. Norbert Guldner, heart surgeon (and researcher) in his pension, from Germany, who comes to Momella twice a year for 4 to 8 weeks every time.

Therefore, he has built his own, generously planned house, ...#

 ... where there is much room for his self-made paintings.

Nice view to Mount Meru from the garden.

My accomodation is a bit more humble in my "luxury tent" - but I´m not here for such a long time.

Morning view to Mount Mukuru, the holy peak of the Maasai.

African conventions: eat the rice with the hand while looking into your smartphone.

On the 27.9. in the afternoon, I´m brought to the Maasai Lodge. The Pamoja Secondary Schoolis close to the lodge, so we take a disabled boy with us, together with his wheelchair. The fixation method on the roof is in need of improvement.

Huge herds of goats on our way, mostly taken care by Maasai children. You ask yourself, what they are finding to eat here.

Putting down the wheelchair.

Pupils from the Pamoja school fetch their collegue from the car ...


 .. and bring him to the school. 

The ample area of the Pamoja school.

The school has started with the first age group last January.

Computer advice in theory ...

 ... and in praxis. 

I join Semi, the photographer and filmer, in a math lesson, ...

 ... about principles of set theory.

Some of the school buildings have the name of the donator written on the frontage.

Not all classrooms are ready yet; this is not necessary, every year, a new room will be finalized with the new age group.

The school area

Newly planted trees. For water supply of the school and the surrounding buildings, a few years ago a water pipe has been built from Kilimandscharo, many kilometres long.

Evening in the lodge: a Maasai - Barbecue ...

 ... and a tasty dinner.